We at CAPITEVA can confidently say is that until & unless we surrender our self to this present situation we will not be affected.

If we start feeling that this is the worst recession/ worst time and neglect our potential & abilities ( as done by the old man in the above story), then indeed it would be the worst recession ever.

We must not forget that we are humans. Humans, the ultimate and probably the best creation of nature. The humanity has faced umpteen number of circumstances since ages. But every time we with a strong determination and togetherness have fought against every type of extreme situations, and that is why we are still alive.

  • Bubonic plague is far more deadly than the coronavirus, and there were no treatments for 500 years, but humanity survived.
  • Smallpox is also deadly, and though it ravaged the aboriginal population of the Americas, which had no immunity, the European population managed to grow in spite of it, through primitive forms of quarantine.

If we, with our unparalleled ability of Adapting, our strong determination, will power and togetherness start afresh then we can fight even more worst situations.


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